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In 2015, Free Play Arcade invented a new arcade genre by combining a full-service bar with the greatest collection of arcade games ever amassed - all set to Free Play! More than a barcade, Free Play reinvigorated the arcade world by proving a concept previously considered impossible.
And now the expansion of the Free Play dream continues to the Dallas Design District, in a warehouse formerly operated by the original Noble Rey Brewing Company at 2636 Farrington Street, Dallas, TX 75207. The new Free Play Dallas will offer the most immersive retro arcade experience yet with dedicated zones for each of the greatest arcade periods in history. Free Play Dallas will boast more than 140 of the greatest arcade games and pinball machines in history and feature new, never-before-seen retro arcade surprises.
Beyond the games, Free Play Dallas will feature the same award-winning bar and food products for which Free Play is known. "Free Play has one of the top beer programs in the region and it's only fitting that we continue it in this former brewery," said Corey Hyden, CEO of Free Play, Inc. Each Free Play location features a unique, curated beer menu with a heavy focus on local craft beer along with location specific bar features.
Free Play anticipates the build process taking more than 12 months and only vaguely predicts that the facility will open during 2020. "There are no shortcuts to take," continued Hyden, "this venue needs sprinkler systems, accessibility modifications, expanded restrooms, and a kitchen - none of which come quickly."
"We literally have no idea when we're going to open," outlined Hyden, "we have a ton of work to do but it's going to be awesome. Point being, we're opening an arcade in the Dallas Design District and we think it might open sometime in 2020. Also, isn't it super weird that I write our press releases yet put quotes from myself in the third person? Is that normal? Seems strange."
Free Play, Incorporated operates award-winning arcades in Richardson, Arlington, and Denton, TX with its Fort Worth location opening Fall 2019. Please direct all press inquiries to stephanie@freeplayinc.com.


1. Will Free Play brew beer in this facility? We'd really like to but the TABC framework doesn't make it super likely. Our brewery dreams remain pending.
2. How does Free Play Dallas compare to the other Free Play locations in terms of size? Free Play Dallas will be the largest Free Play in the network with a similar size to Free Play Arlington.
3. Isn't Free Play worried about saturation, running out of games, running out of parts, becoming a brainless megacorporation, sleeping enough, expanding too quickly, or being too awesome? Yes, we think about that every day. Thank you for asking.
4. Why Dallas and not [insert city here]? Dallas has been at the top of Free Play's list for years but finding a good real estate fit has been a challenge. We've long loved the old Noble Rey venue and hope to do their former team proud in the space.
5. What's next for Free Play? After Dallas, Free Play plans on taking some time to chill out, max out, and relax all cool. After which, we'll be back to work spreading the gospel of good arcades.
6. Are there any taglines that you've never used in your marketing materials but finally have an appropriate place to post them? Dallas, let's get old. Dallas deserves Free Play. Dallas, let's upgrade your arcade. Dallas, let's play a game. Free Play - where the games are real and really work. Friends don't let friends play low-quality, emulated arcade games. Dallas, it's time to come home. Free Play, action jeans for the martial artist.
7. Will you have [insert game here]? Probably? But also mint DDR.
8. When is Free Play Ft. Worth opening? Fall 2019.
9. Any controversial political stances Free Play would like to take as part of this announcement? Free Play believes in bringing our customers the best games, in the best possible condition, while using the best available components, including original components whenever possible. Free Play also believes it's possible to provide this level of arcade no matter how busy we are, even in the middle of the biggest arcade parties in history, all while supported by one of the best bars in town. Free Play believes that, in five years, this will not be a controversial position, but will instead be the only position.



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